Meet your advocates.

Spire's mission to enrich lives starts right here, with you. We want you to find a job that you're passionate about. As you go through the hiring process, you will work directly with a team of talent specialists who are dedicated to finding the perfect role for you.

Here's what our Talent Team has to say:


    “I always look for passion and energy in potential employees. People at Spire love what they do, and we are looking for others who share that same enthusiasm.”

     - Scott Benyo, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist


    "We look for people who would be a good fit with the Spire culture. We don’t just look at your hard and fast skills. We also look at how you serve others in your personal and professional life. That idea of serving people is what Spire is all about."

    - Nicole Fondren, Manager Talent Acquisition


    "It’s important to me to find talent that is excited to grow with our company, to learn new skills, and to bring diverse, unique perspectives to Spire.”

    - Krysti Baker, Talent Acquisition Specialist


    “I enjoy recruiting because it allows me to meet new and interesting people every day. I then get to help each of these people find a job that not only fits their skill set, but also makes them passionate and excited to work at Spire.”

    - Kevin Ponder, Talent Acquisition Specialist