Rashell Webb - Contact Center Representative

What attracted me to Spire

Their reputation! Spire is a family-oriented company. The pay is competitive and they have more than lived up to my expectations. I was looking for a career and a place where I can work until I retire—not just a “job.”

My most interesting work experience

The most interesting job I had was in market solutions. Being able to see the process of how gas lines originate in a home and throughout the community is remarkable.

My favorite thing about my job

The customers. No matter the situation, one thing will always stay the same: We work for people. Working with customers can make your day for a number of reasons. Some have hilarious stories that they want to share with us, and others are very touching and personal. My job means that we can and work together to find a beneficial solution. I also like being in a position to help and advocate for customers when needed.