Shannon Coaley - Serviceman

My typical day at Spire

I’m a serviceman—we are truly jacks of all trades. We go from changing meters to turning on service to doing disconnections and install work. Every day is different—I always say you’re like a duck waking up in a new world. You meet so many people and are constantly challenged with rewarding work. I went from working on the cold side of service work with refrigerators to the hot side with furnaces and water heaters.

What attracted me to Spire

Prior to working for Spire, I was in commercial refrigeration and received my degree in HVAC training. My previous job had me traveling quite a bit and when I heard about the opportunity at Spire it was a much more stable position that enabled me to be home with my family more. Being a serviceman requires flexibility because gas emergencies can happen at any time—day or night—and it’s up to us to work with other first responders to keep our communities safe. But on a normal day without an emergency, Spire returns that flexibility if, for example, I would like to attend an event for my sons.

Why I love my job

Each day in the field is a new adventure and I like that I get to be creative with the jobs I am assigned. One of my favorite types of projects is installing fuel runs for fire pits and house piping. It’s rewarding to provide service to the community where I live. I have a great team and foreman that back me up each day.